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James C. Bailey
Professional Writing and Business Copywriting Services
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Finding great writing help is hard to do!

      By now you're going crosseyed....staring at that computer screen searching the Internet for some writing help. Page after page, unfamiliar words and terminology, endlessly, for what seems like hours.
      Well, STOP IT! Let's make this easy on you. After all, that's what I'm here for.

Here's what you've found:

      Experience - Over 24 years of  writing brochures, catalogs, technical manuals, ad copy, business plans, websites, web content, direct response packages, classified ads, business plans, operator manuals and speeches. Besides writing words that sell, I have run successful businesses, marketed products and sold a wide variety of products and services.

      But rather than giving you another sell job here, just check out what I do, my resume and my portfolio...they all speak for themselves. Then contact me. I'm easy to work with and I can save you time and money. a nutshell...


James C. Bailey - Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Marketer, Businessman.


My job is to make you look good and help sell your 
products through the artful use of the written word.


To save you time and money by producing words that work.


Fast and flexible, by the hour, by the job.


Your place, my place or worldwide (via Internet).