You can lose weight quick...and have

You really can lose weight fast

Absolutely! You can be free from being fat forever!

Just think about being free from...

  • The extra pounds you always want to take off but can't.
  • The big belly, thighs and butt keeping you chained to your couch. 
  • The oversize, sized XXXX,""fatso"" clothes.
  • The constant lethargic and uncomfortable feeling.

I'm not being nasty---if you can recognize those things and HATE them as much as I did---you can find this wonderful FREEDOM too!

Hi, my name is Jimmy Garrity and I used to be fat! But now, after over 20 years of trying everything under the sun to lose the flab, I finally found the answer...

...and, best of all, I've been successful at keeping it off ever since.

The problem with diets

OK, what's the biggest problem with most diets?

...Well, they're boring....yup. 

...They're hard to stay on....yeah, you got that. 

How about the part where you get discouraged and the weight comes back twice as fast as it went off....? You got the picture.

But, think about this....what's the common problem with all diets? What is it that they all share that makes them not work?

C' know....

Right! They're too s--l--o--w! 

You never see anything happening. You start the new diet and really try. You give it your all and follow all the instructions, you eat the bitty little portions, you snack on weird, dry things, you huff and puff up and down the treadmill and then...

Then, you weigh yourself and....nothing.

Take those pounds off FAST!Day after day, for what seems an eternity, you hop on those scales and they laugh back at you!

What do they show....? You lose a couple of pounds and stop losing weight completely....

What a pain!
  You've been good. 
    You stuck to the diet. 
      You told all your friends. 
        You've done everything that diet told you to do...

...and still, you haven't lost anything're stuck! 


Then, of course, something comes see ads on TV, you go to a party...whatever it is, something tempts you.

""What the heck", you say, "Nothing much is happening anyway so a little taste won't change anything...".

Then---WHAM! Before you know it, the diet is history and everything you eat adds pounds....

Sound familiar?

Well, that happened to me for over 20 years as I tried everything to lose weight. 

Hey, I've been there and back

Back in my twenties, I had thyroid gland was too active. Now, the thyroid controls your metabolism and that, in case you don't know, is what controls how you burn foods you eat. While it was hyper, I could eat anything and lose weight.

Unfortunately, if it stayed in my body, I'd burn up and die, so that was no good. I had to have it removed.

Surgery came and went....then, for the next 20 years, no matter what I did, I could not lose weight....I could only seem to gain it. Slowly at first, then more quickly as I got older, up went my weight.

By the time the new century came, I greeted the millenium weighing in at over 250 pounds--a total gain of over 120 pounds! Being only 5'6" tall, I resembled a beanbag with clothes so tight they looked like they were going to split any second.

I also had a problem called "thunder thighs" where my butt and my legs were so fat they wore out the crotch of all my pants. My butt was huge, but then so was my waist, my triple chins and everything else about me....

I tried every diet out there

Yup - every diet under the sun....the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet, the egg diet, the vegan diet....

I tried Atkins, Pritikin and Hollywood diets. I ate cabbage, spinach, pills, Slimfast, Dexatrim, Herbalife and Shaklee.

I even tried not eating anything at all!Never worry about your life as a couch potato again...!

None of them ever did more than take off about 3 to 5 pounds. Then I would "plateau" and nothing I did after that would take any more weight off.

It was really discouraging....

But what was even worse--when I gave up, I'd gain back MORE than I lost!

I felt like I just couldn't win....

After my doctor told me that I had to lose weight or face a life of heart disease and possibly a stroke, I decided to do some research. I studied everything I could about diet and foods.

What I came up with is My FREEDOM Diet. Based on sound principals of food and the body, it's a three-phase program that really works....

...and I should know....I tested it on myself!

Three phases to true FREEDOM

Phase One gets the weight off fast.

I lost over 50 pounds in the first 10-12 weeks! Using a good bathroom scales, you can see something good happening almost every day. Man, will that keep you jazzed!

After the first 2-4 pounds you'll think...."Uh oh, now it's gonna stop." but it won't. The pounds keep on melting away, day after day.... It's amazing!

Phase Two slows down the weight loss and gets you into good foods that are good for you. By this time you need new "skinny" clothes.

I remember buying new pants that were the same size I hadn't fit into for over 25 years! It was really great!

Incredibly, even with the new foods you're eating, the weight continues to come off, although more slowly.

Finally, Phase Three gets you on the path to a new life as a slim, healthy person.

What you learn here is how to keep the weight off and not go back to your old habits. These are all proven techniques.The main reason they work now is because you will have gotten rid of the excess weight---you haven't been discouraged like before.

Now you have a real reason to keep the weight off and be aware of how great it is to be slim again!

The whole idea is for you to get going and see success....right away! Then, to keep on seeing that success, day after day until you get to your goal weight.

Speaking from experience, there's nothing more wonderful than losing over 80 pounds and having to buy new clothes because the old ones were too big for a change!

My doctor didn't recognize me!

Well...maybe not exactly like this...!


When I went back to my doctor, he almost didn't recognize me. Boy, was he impressed!

My blood pressure was great, my fat content was low, my overall health was fantastic and I passed my stress test like someone 20 years younger.

In fact, I feel 20 to 25 years younger all the time now.

Of course, I know My FREEDOM Diet works, even for me with no I know it'll work for you. And it will really  change your life.

Now I can run with the dog, I can play on the beach and I can dance up a storm like I did 20 years ago. My wife is very impressed to have this young stud in her life again (even though she knows it's me)!

Now you can have success at weight loss too!

After trying all the diets, pills, potions and problems for most of my life, I have had true success in fighting off the fat devil. It's been so fantastic that I decided to write an ebook and share this with the world.

So now you can finally have that same success....

Everything is laid out in simple, easy to read words.

Unlike other diet books, this ebook is short and to the point.

I didn't write it to win a Pulitzer prize. I wrote it to help others in this world who have suffered with the fat life the way I did.

It gets right to the point, tells you what to do and how to do it. No fluff and no BS.

But here's the best part. Because I want to help you and others in the world with finding FREEDOM from fat as I did, I decided to make it available for everyone who needs it.

This website, the members-only section, the newsletter--they were all built to help you and others who suffer as I did

OK -- so here's the deal......

It's incredible but some other websites out there are happy to shaft you for $29.99, $39.95 and even more for some hashed over, useless junk you can get for free on the web! Even worse are the clinics charging hundreds of dollars to treat you like a misbehaving kid.

No, no...this book, the website and discussion group are all here to help you.

All we need is enough to help keep the website, the members-only discussion area and newsletter running.

So here's what you get...

  • My FREEDOM Diet ebook...with immediate download
  • FREE! Access to our Member's Only Website
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  • FREE! Updates and new versions of My FREEDOM Diet
  • FREE! Subscription to our Diet Tips Newsletter

So what is all this freedom and extras going to cost?

How about something simple and affordable -- like $17...

And, no...I'm not going to play games telling you the price will go up next week or that you get $25,000 in extras added on.

Just a simple $17 and a lifetime membership where you can get help, check in, tell others and learn while you're at it. But most of all, it's only $17 to change your life.

So now the rest is up to you. You can do this! You can finally have the freedom of a new body, feel younger and be more active than you have in years. CAN!

Just click on the button below, safely order your very own copy, download it immediately and start losing that weight right away!

You'll get immediate access--even if it's 2AM in the morning!

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When you order My FREEDOM Diet, you'll be able to download the ebook right away. It has everything in there including links, step-by-step instructions and helpful hints -- but NO B.S.!

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Plus + Plus + Plus -- You'll have access to the My FREEDOM Diet Member's Only Website. It's new and growing every day. You'll be able to read other success stories, find useful links and downloads...even get great recipes to help keep you thin and healthy!


Now it's up to you...

You too can lose the fat, feel great and become more healthy.

You CAN do it--there's that thin, healthy person inside you ready to jump out simply by seeing some results! Give it a chance now!

I look forward to having you join us in your new healthy lifestyle. Make sure you join the members-only group and let us know how you're doing!

All the best,  

Jimmy Garrity  


It can take only $17 to change your life forever. You owe it to yourself, your health and your happiness. Join us today and enjoy life!


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