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2 Glass Cradle

Handcrafted From a
Single Piece of Oak

Fold Flat for Storage

Make Fantastic Gifts

Elegant and Beautiful

2, 4 & 6 Glass Models

2-4 Bottle Display Racks

Direct From The Craftsman

Totally Unique Design

6 Glass Cradle

These handcrafted oak wine cradles and racks are perfect for that romantic dinner for two or an intimate get-together with friends. Oak wine cradles make fantastic and unique gifts for wine lovers.

Each oak wine cradle has a flawless, silky-smooth, hand-rubbed finish that beautifully showcases your wine and glasses while gracefully matching any decor.

All cradles and racks fold flat to less than 1 inch thick making them perfect for travel or as gifts for sending to your wine loving friends.


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